Wallpaper Design credit- Maison C


We are proud to share testimonials from some of our valued customers. It is an honor to help each of these talented artists further express their creative vision.

As private label manufacturers, we only disclose our customers or their work with permission.

Costanza Theodoli-Braschi & Chiara de Rege, Maison C

"Working with twenty2 has been a wonderfully collaborative and thoughtful experience for us and we cannot imagine having created our wallpapers with anyone else. They have been integral to our process of bringing our designs to life on the wall. They are extremely thorough with their work and have a focused attention to detail and commitment. It is a pleasure working with Kyra, Rob and their team."

Rebecca Atwood

"I love working with Kyra, Rob, and their team because not only are they detail oriented, but they have great energy. They're always there to offer support and encouragement and answer questions. Consistently color matching is a challenging area where they always excel. They pay attention to the details and care just as much as we do about the final product. I am really thankful to the whole team for all of their hard work."

Caitlin McGauley

"twenty2 is a creative, innovative and expert partner. They have the knowledge and experience needed to turn vision into reality, and seamlessly transform my artwork into wallpaper. They are the consummate professionals who have become trusted friends and colleagues. I cannot say enough positive things about twenty2!"

Shanan Campanero, Eskayel

"twenty2 is wonderful to work with! They keep us updated on all the new technology and paper available to us and are flexible in working with us to fit our needs. They are truly knowledgeable about printing, their machines and the wallpaper industry in general and are happy to help their clients figure out custom or difficult projects. They also stick to a strict production schedule and can be relied upon to always ship orders in a timely manner. They are very interested in working with us on environmentally friendly packaging, which is really important to us and it’s nice that it is also important to them. We would recommend twenty2 to anybody for their wallpaper printing needs."

Stacy Waggoner, Studio Four NYC

"There's a good reason that twenty2 has become the go-to printer for top notch boutique wallpaper companies - Kyra and Rob are super talented and their attention to detail is fantastic -  they keep expanding their capabilities and expertise and I feel like our collections are in great hands!"

Sarah Von Dreele

"As I continue to build my product brand across wallpaper and fabrics, twenty2 has become a trusted extension of my team, a valued partner providing expert manufacturing guidance through a sophisticated visual lens.”

Page Cleveland,
Rule of Three Studio

"Our work is deeply rooted in traditional printmaking techniques. We create very intricate and abstract designs, each done by hand. Our complex colorways and rich saturation are a huge part of Rule of Three's aesthetic. All of these factors made for quite a challenge when translating our hand-marbled fabrics into digitally printed wallcoverings. The team at twenty2 is truly a dream to work with. Their level of care and attentiveness to our process made our first venture into the digital world a total success. We are so grateful to have partners who care about our work as much as we do. They are so open and generous in educating us about their process, that together we are able to make the best product possible. We look forward to many more developments in the future!"

Kate Miller, Elworthy Studio

"Kyra and Rob are true experts in the field and have been mentors to me, offering an abundance of thoughtful and helpful advice along the way. Thanks to their attention to detail and commitment to quality, I am always confident that my wallpapers will consistently arrive on time and perfectly match my standards. The entire team is professional, responsive, and an absolute pleasure to work with."

Ashley Woodson Bailey

"Working in partnership with twenty2 is a delight. Kyra and Rob have helped guide the AWB line and continue to be a great resource of knowledge and support. They are extremely professional and have helped me to understand and grow my business. I couldn’t imagine working without them.”

Kate Reynolds, Temple Studio

"The team at twenty2 is always looking out for the little errors that can easily be overlooked in production, and I feel 100% taken care of when our work is in their hands. Their attention to detail and quality is second to none!"

Alex Conroy, Alex Conroy Textiles

"twenty2 has been an excellent partner ever since I expanded my collection to include wallcoverings last year. The entire team is knowledgeable and creative, their communication is timely and helpful, and, most importantly, their work is always outstanding!"

Peti Lau, Peti Lau Inc.

"I’ve been working with twenty2 using their fantastic grasscloth collections, so I was thrilled when I had the opportunity to custom print my own Aristofreak wallpaper collection on their fantastic paperweave. The process was surprisingly easy and fast- you just have to know what you want! I was able to send my file and in a few days I received digital renderings of different size options which was such a great way to visualize the paper proof before it actually went to print. The custom print took less than 4 weeks and I was able to install the wallpaper for a client within a month. It’s amazing what can be done when you have a vision, the technology,  and a great team of people to work with!"

Amy Sawtelle, Kendra Scott

"I wanted to turn sketch books filled with amazing artwork into part of our design story- telling in our stores.   I took this hair-brain idea to my friends at Supply Showroom and they sent me to Rob. We had one phone call where I described what I had in my head and he got it!  He knew exactly the kind of artistic expression that I was looking to achieve. Rob created magic with the design and composition of drawings, notes and inspiration.  He and his team were wonderful to work with - they absolutely made my dream come true with this design."

Candice Kaye, Candice Kaye Design

"I approached twenty2 Wallpaper with my very first custom client. I didn’t know a thing about measuring a wall properly, or repeat sizing, or how to order wallpaper to ensure that the repeats matched when installed. They walked me through the process step by step. All the while providing my clients with brilliant color, print, and paper quality. I really don’t know what I would have done without this team."

Batya Stepelman, WallTawk

"Working with twenty2 has been a dream!  I started my company, WallTawk, in 2016. I wanted to bring independent wallcoverings to Denver and I wanted to push the design boundaries a little bit!  I offered clients lots of great options, many of which are actually printed by twenty2 under different labels, but I had a vision to create a Colorado-centric paper and I didn't know where to start. I reached out to Kyra and Robertson who walked me through the process.  The experience was such a good one and the paper has been so well received, it's all a testament to the craftsmanship and care twenty2 gives to the papers it prints."

Rochelle Udell

"Thank heaven for the team at twenty2!  With their expertise and insight they were able to transform my design into wallpaper. They were able to capture the spirit of my sketchbook of chair drawings with wit and charm into realistic repeats in the right size, while coaching me through the manufacturing process. And the added bonus of creating an earth friendly paper was good for my conscience."

Taylor Murphy, Taylor Murphy Design Studio

"Kyra, Rob, and the entire twenty2 team are wonderful to work with. They were extremely helpful in the beginning stages of creating my personal collection when I had no idea what I was doing. They helped me hone in on my brand and made sure the quality of the product was at the forefront of the process. They are super easy to work with, and are both readily available to solve any issue that comes my way. I highly recommend their services, and cannot say enough good things about their process and team. "

Shell Rummel

"Artisans themselves, the team at twenty2 Wallpaper understands the inherent challenges that go hand in hand with reproducing original watercolor designs into a collection of nuanced wallpapers for my design studio.  Their attention to detail during the creative process has ensured that the quality of the finished products has been exceptional. It’s a joy to work with collaborative partners who honor my artwork and my design aesthetic so beautifully."

Sam Seidman, Wrapped Studio

"In the three years that we have worked with twenty2, they have been consistently excellent to work with. Their deep knowledge of wallpaper has allowed us to bring our artwork to walls of all sizes and materials. In addition to their expertise, their dedication to detail and commitment to craftsmanship sets them apart. We are proud to provide our clients with wallpaper printed by twenty2."