Design credit- Kendra Scott


We started our business as a design and branding firm; visual storytelling is in our company’s DNA. We work with businesses to design and articulate visual components of their logo, history, story and identity through branded wallcoverings + textiles.  


We are honored to feature the work of select customers, with permission, to illustrate the process of translating fine art into branded wallpaper + textiles.

Kendra Scott, Retail Store

Kellogg’s, New York City, Designed by The Inside

Rough Trade, Record Shop, Brooklyn NY


 "I approached twenty2 Wallpaper with my very first custom client...they walked me through step by step. All the while providing my clients with brilliant color, print, and paper quality."

"They helped me hone in on my brand and made sure the quality of the product was at the forefront of the process. They are super easy to work with, and are readily available to solve any issue."

"The team at twenty2 is always looking out for the little errors that can easily be overlooked in production, and I feel 100% taken care of when our work is in their hands. Their attention to detail and quality is second to none!"

“Their deep knowledge of wallpaper has allowed us to bring our artwork to walls of all sizes and materials. We are proud to provide our clients with wallpaper printed by twenty2."