new york at night in 3,454 paintings

We are super intrigued by this stop motion music video made by artist Zachary Johnson for folk band THE SEA THE SEA. Utilizing 3,454 oil paintings, the video visually tells the story of a rainy nighttime cab ride through New York City.

To create this magical rain blurred ride Johnson animated his 3,000 plus paintings, transforming work he made by hand into a digital piece of art. The idea of turning the hand made into digital is something that we often look to when making wallpaper. When digital printing, an artist or designers hand made work is scanned and taken through a process where it becomes a piece of digital art and then we, as the printer, produce into a printed physical product.

Although the music video is not a physical object it does transcend its original form and much like wallpaper, it is a repeatable media that has the ability to create an atmosphere all its own.

Check out the video for yourself: WAITING – New York at Night in 3,454 Paintings – THE SEA THE SEA/Zachary Johnson