I love paint chips

Our Brooklyn apartment circa 2002 - working on our neptune colorway?


Paint chips are a constant source of inspiration for me. I create all of our colorways using a library of paint chips that I have collected over a decade – and, of course, add to every chance I get.

The tactile feeling of that smooth, dry paint finish is very similar to the feel of our hand-printed wallpaper inks. I find that it provides us with a very real sense of how the colors will sit together. Weeks (and sometimes months) are spent with groups of chips pinned to the walls of our studio for consideration.


Patterns and paint chips hanging up for consideration... what to choose?


If I am still pleased with the color combinations after spending so much time with them, I know there is a good chance that we should proceed with creating a strike-off sample for approval. After all that ruminating, this full repeat sample usually looks just as I had imagined and we rarely make any further tweaks.


Chip shopping. Cell phone photo circa 2002.


Do you create your color palettes? What is your process?