cooper hewitt: immersion room

We are honored to have been selected to record audio clips with our impressions of selected patterns from the Cooper Hewitt archive featured in the new Immersion Room. The Room consists of a huge touch screen table that allows the museum guests to select patterns from the archive and project them onto the walls for a fully immersive visual experience. Audio from various designers, including us, can be heard when the viewer selects certain patterns, adding an interesting layer to the experience. The guest can easily manipulate the pattern scale to create a new rendition of the classic motifs.

Another exciting element of the touch table, is the ability to draw and manipulate your own pattern and see it projected on the walls around you. Once you create your repeat cell, you can adjust scale, match point, overlap and direction – allowing the guest to quickly experience the challenges and joys we face in our own studio when creating repeat patterns. This was a huge hit with museum guests of all ages. On our recent visit to the museum, our daughters could not resist the impulse to create patterns and then run to stand in front of the projection. And they were not alone – a queue quickly formed in front of the table – and a scan of the Instagram hashtag #immersionroom shows the variety of work being created and fun being had.

twenty2 creating in the Immersion Room at the Cooper Hewitt from twenty2 on Vimeo.


The entire Cooper Hewitt Museum is now chock full of experiential exhibits that encourage guests to have a hands-on design experience in many mediums – linking technology and art in a fascinating way – and empowering us all to think outside of the box. The exhibits invite us to participate in design and its’ challenges, suggesting that the next great design solution could come from any one of us.